Corona: Special situations require special measures

Changes in the treatment process

Corona: Special situations require special measures

The corona pandemic is currently dominating everyone’s everyday life. As a physiotherapy practice we are of course also affected. Since we are considered to be systemically relevant, Elbmedicum will of course remain open for you and is your contact for orthopedic and functional complaints of the musculoskeletal system.

Nevertheless, it is our great concern to minimize the spread of the corona virus together with everyone.

For this reason, we currently only want to treat those who are really dependent on manual therapy due to acute pain or restricted mobility at Elbmedicum.

Please remember to disinfect your hands when entering our practice. A hand disinfection dispenser is available for you at the entrance.

If you have received a new physiotherapy prescription from your doctor, you can of course contact us to arrange a treatment appointment.

Telemedicine: Train at home!

Thanks to our modern technical equipment we can offer you video coaching about your physiotherapy prescription. In this way we come quasi directly to your home. In addition, we can control your home exercise program via app on your smartphone.

Personal training is also possible in this form. Please feel free to contact us personally!

We thank you for your understanding, support and trust.

Inga Johannmeyer, Franziska Will and Stefan Grund

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