Online Live Courses

In the Online Live Courses you work with us in a small group of maximum 8 people via video chat. The course content and training goals are agreed with you and tailored to your individual needs. Sport-specific mobility and warm-up training, strength exercises, training optimization and much more are possible here.

Group dynamics for maximum training success

No matter if you want to train together as a sports team, training group or with friends – we support you to bring your training to a higher level and to reach your goals! The Online Live Courses will not only make the start of your training easier for you, you will also prevent injuries and overload symptoms in the long run and become more efficient. Furthermore, training in a group is even more fun and gives an additional boost of motivation. Moreover, we look beyond the edge of the mat with you during the training and provide you with useful background knowledge for your training. Through our Online Live Courses you will become your own movement expert in the end and learn how to control your training optimally.

Individual corrections

Via the live video we show you exactly the exercises to be performed, control your movement sequences and give direct corrections. In this way, each group participant is also given individual attention. To ensure that the training is sustainable, each participant also receives access to the training plan in our training app. This allows us to control your load even outside of the group training. Short videos explain the respective exercise and a direct feedback function sends information and questions directly to our inbox. This way we stay in direct contact even outside of the live training.

What technical equipment is required for the Online Live Course?

You will need a PC/laptop or tablet with Internet connection, camera, microphone and a charged battery. We recommend not to use a smartphone for the video chat. The video chat runs via zoom, for this you need a zoom access, which you can create for free. Tablets require the zoom app to be installed. Set up your camera about 2 meters away from your gym mat in landscape format so that we can see you completely in the picture. Before the agreed training date you will receive an e-mail from us with the access data for the zoom training room. And then let’s start your training program together in the group!

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