Performance enhancement through sports dentistry

Performance on highest level

The connection between dental health, jaw mechanics and athletic performance has been known for a long time. An athlete who suffers from dental and jaw problems will never be able to reach his full potential. Even recurring muscular injuries or tendon problems can have their cause in the mouth.

Using sports dentistry to reach your full potential

In cooperation with SIN – sports dentists in the north, we eliminate stress factors and prevent performance-reducing mechanical disorders in the jaw. This includes the treatment of craniomandibular dysfunctions, movement restrictions in the body, muscular imbalances and coordination deficits.

Dental mouthguards to improve performance

By means of special dental mouthguards and individual packages, we support you in the sustainable increase of your sporting performance. The detailed examination, consultation and fabrication of the dental mouthguard is carried out by the sports dentist team on site at Elbmedicum or at one of the locations in Hamburg- Nienstedten, -St. Pauli or -Uhlenhorst. Our individually tailored sports physiotherapy treatment serves as the basis for the production and use of your new dental mouthguard.

Performance tests

Your current status is determined in advance by means of a sport-specific performance diagnosis based on the type of sport you practice. This data is used to make a detailed 1:1 comparison after the use of your dental mouthguard. In this way we make your performance improvement measurable.

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