Your physiotherapeutic treatment at Elbmedicum

Services within the scope of prescriptions for remedies from public health insurance companies

I 1 I Your medical prescription

For your treatment at Elbmedicum you need a valid medical prescription for manual therapy (MT) or exercise therapy (KG).

The validity of a statutory prescription for therapeutic products is 28 days from the date of issue.

As a provider of therapeutic products, we are obliged to check the medical prescription before the start of treatment. Please send us a copy by email to service[at] Only then an appointment be scheduled!

If you have statutory health insurance and are not exempt from co-payment according to your doctor’s prescription, you will have to pay a 10% co-payment for physiotherapy services. There is also a fee of 10€ per prescription. This co-payment has to be paid at the first appointment by EC payment. If you have an exemption card, please present it to us before the first treatment.

I 2 I Your first treatment appointment

Fill out our contact form so that we can get in touch with you to make an appointment by phone. Please also send us a copy of your prescription to service[at]

Please bring the following with you to your first appointment:

  • Your valid medical prescription (original)
  • Your insurance card
  • If necessary, medical reports and findings (no CDs!)
  • a towel
  • athletic clothing

Attention: if you don’t bring the original prescription with you to your first appointment, we will charge you privately for this appointment!

The first treatment appointment serves to determine the physiotherapeutic findings. Through structured tests and measurements, we determine your current status, agree on your treatment goals and create an individual treatment plan. In this way, targeted therapy can take place in the following appointments.

Would you like a more detailed examination and exact discussion of your complaints? Find out more about our physiotherapeutic diagnostics here!

I 3 I further treatments and follow-up prescriptions

Since the prescribed number of treatments per week must be adhered to for your physiotherapy treatment, please make all your treatment appointments timely. If treatment is to be continued after the last prescribed appointment, we require a correctly issued follow-up prescription before further appointments can be made. In addition to the prescribed services, you are free to make use of further of our services as a self-payer. We will be happy to advise you on this as part of our physiotherapeutic assessment.