Small group training

In our small group training you can expect professional supervision and individual personal training combined in a small group with a maximum of 10 persons. Together with your team, training group or with friends you can train on over 150 m² of modern training space in the unique loft ambience of our practice. Your training goals, times and training frequencies will be determined individually. The costs for the training units are shared by the group, which reduces the costs for the individual.

Training together with individual support

The training takes place in the form of a circle training, in which everyone performs the same exercises. Everyone is personally encouraged and corrected in the exercises – as in personal training. With a targeted combination of mobility and strength training, we focus on functional movement patterns that optimize your abilities.

Training with high quality equipment

In order to adapt your small group training optimally to your needs, we work with selected and high-quality equipment at Elbmedicum. We attach importance to functional training with free weights and do not work with guided training machines. For us, small group training is more about optimizing and economizing your movement sequences in relation to your athletic requirements.

Sustainable training

Additional support is provided by your training plan in our training app. This allows us to control your exercise program even outside of the small group training. Short videos explain the respective exercise and a direct feedback function sends information and questions directly to our inbox. This way we stay in direct contact even outside of the small group training.

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