Your physiotherapeutic treatment at Elbmedicum

We develop health concepts at the highest level!

| 1 | Physiotherapeutic Analysis

We conduct a thorough physiotherapeutic analysis to prepare you for your treatment. With the help of scientific measuring methods and tests, as well as manual therapeutic screenings, we first determine your current status. The focus of your physiotherapeutic treatment with us is not on the short-term relief of your complaints but rather we identify the problem and develop a solution strategy together with you. The result is a physiotherapeutic treatment from which you will benefit in the long term.

| 2 | Objectives

Whether it’s freedom from pain in everyday life, improved performance or avoiding injuries during sports, resuming your hobby after an injury or learning about preventive measures – during a physiotherapeutic treatment at Elbmedicum, we will advise you in detail and determine the most sensible therapy and training options with you. If necessary, we can refer you to the appropriate specialists via our network. You will receive a holistic consultation for every physiotherapeutic treatment at Elbmedicum, going beyond traditional physiotherapeutic approaches.

| 3 | Your path to the goal

Based on your goals and your current status, we put together an individual physiotherapeutic treatment and training plan. Through the combination of our manual therapeutic skills, diverse treatment techniques such as fascial therapy and functional training therapy, as well as our professional practice equipment, we support you with our physiotherapeutic treatment in your rehabilitation or performance optimization. Let us develop health concepts at the highest level together!