Your training plan in our App

To support you in achieving your goals in the best possible way, we provide you with the latest technologies. Your personal training plan is provided for you in PhysiApp®. This app allows you to run your training program with fully annotated training videos in high-definition quality. This helps you to perform the exercises correctly and not to forget any of the exercises performed during therapy! Integrated memories help you to stay on the right track and improve your physical condition. By means of the feedback function, your training remarks or questions are sent directly to our mailbox – so we can also adjust your training plan remotely and provide you with optimal support for your training at home.

Download the app directly to your smartphone or tablet and get your training plan!

PhysiApp® is available completely free of charge in the App Store and the Google Play Store and can also be accessed via your browser. We will write your individual training plan for you and send you your access code by email. This allows us to tailor exercises to your needs, control the intensity and track your progress. We will be happy to write your personal training plan as part of your treatment at our practice or remotely in conjunction with an online consultation appointment.


How to use your training plan in the PhysiApp®

In the program area you can see your individual training plan. This is provided by your physiotherapist. Here you can see the exercise and mark it as done.

The button “additional information” leads you to the provided information material. Here you will receive our information according to your health problem and your personal goals.

After you have selected an exercise, watch the corresponding video. This will help you to perform the exercise correctly and gain confidence. It also shows you how many repetitions and sets you should perform each time. If you need to hold an exercise for several seconds, click the button. A timer counts down the seconds for you.

Once you have completed the exercise, click on “completed” in the upper right corner of the screen. Then select how many repetitions and sets you have completed and write us feedback or ask us a question if necessary. Also select the pain level you were at during the exercise. This information will be sent to us immediately so that we can adjust the training plan accordingly. Repeat this with each exercise in your program.

In the ” Results ” field you can observe your training progress and the changes in the pain level. The bar chart shows weekly and also detailed daily results.

If you would like to send us a message regarding your training plan independently of an exercise, you can write to us directly under “Messages”. In this way you can effectively achieve your personal goals with our support!

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