Yoga in Elbmedicum

Your yoga course in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld

The yoga course with Stefanie Bliemeister takes place in the unique atmosphere of Elbmedicum.

Training body awareness and promoting health through Yoga

Whether or not you have any yoga knowledge, in this 8-week course everyone is welcome!

Start with the basics…

We begin by repeating the basics, which are always good even for those who already practice yoga. And if I may quote my teacher “He/she who can’t work the basics, doesn’t know the basics!”.
So don’t worry, by training your body awareness, the more strenuous these exercises can be for you. Sometimes you start to sweat unexpectedly and one or the other muscle starts to tremble ; ) …

… perform asanas correctly

From the basic position Tadasana, the balanced and anatomically ideal standing position, we derive all further exercises. We work on the sun salutations, a typical and in many variations existing sequence of movements in yoga, as well as standing positions and some backbends.

and direct our focus on the whole body

At the end of each lesson we also devote ourselves to the introspective part of yoga: regenerating, lying asanas and a short guided mediation.
After each class we can end the evening feeling not only strengthened and stretched but also collected and focused.

I look forward to seeing you!

Your Stefanie Bliemeister

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(Costs might be covered by your public health insurance)

Max. Number of participants

Please bring:

Comfortable clothing and shower utensils, if necessary, yoga mats and the necessary material must be brought with you due to the current hygiene measures. Current information will be given in the confirmation of registration.

You can find more information about Stefanie Bliemeister in our interview and on her website.

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